Electronic & Club music


With media now being mostly cloud based earlier formats like cd soon be all goon. 

Our goal was to create something that would make life easier for artists and creators.

After a lot of crafting we have formed what we believe is the worlds most representable, modern and cheapest method for media distribution.

Its a QR-Record

A modern representable promotional tool that can be applied to music, film, games, video-greetings, basically anything online with a URL


Our design are based on the appearance on earlier formats like the mini disc, cassette or Cd.

This is not necessary. The QR code can be put on anything from paintings to clothes.


We can help you in all steps from Design to IT and 

duo to a very low production cost we can create, promote and sell our and yours media to the moste competitive prices,


please contact us for more info


To help creators get going we offer a very beneficial free on demand service. Your QR record will be made  one by one when sold. This mean no production cost

just income

You keep focus on creating