QR-R works with innovative solutions for sustainable work in music and media.
Our goal is to present the cheapest and most up to date method of media distribution



Qr-Packaging & distribution

QR-R is formed by musicians for musicians and never have it been easier to release your music. Our goal is to make it as smooth as possible so you can concentrate on your creativity.

Print on demand

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We want it to be as easy as possible to create and sell music. Many dreams have come to an end when it comes to order and print music because of high minimum orders witch makes the idé of producing physical albums risky. With our partners, the products are printed on-demand. Contact us to get going!

We are working with
skilled printers that are well inserted in the use of Qr.
Join QR-R and order your album, singel or video on a printed QR-merch. Our print-shop works with any material from textile, carbon, wood and metall. 
Contact us for tips on usage and how to make your own QR merchandise

QR-Media Book

We have gathered all QR-R music and media in one book. Music, Videos, and photos in one unite.
With the QR code technology we have put together a book with a collection of all our media witch is going to be continuously growing as we are. It will work as a subscription to all our creations with a one time purchases. You get updates by email when the book has gotten added content.






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It looks and feels just like the classic CD cover but contains the cheapest and most up to date method for media distribution today. It comes in a great variety, from standard Digi-pack to Jewelcase or why not as a bigger LP-Folder. We have also made it possible to make orders on demand, this means that your album is printed on purchases one by one so you don't need to hustle with large quantities of product. We want you to be able to focus on the creation not finance.

QR-R For You

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We have combined media distribution with selling merchandise simply by printing QR Links connected to media on f.ex T-shirts or whatever preferable item. With this method we have created a product with a stronger purchasing power witch makes the artist get to sell more and still spread their music.

As a customer, you get useful products and music at the same time.​

Contact us for more info on how to order your own QR-Merch


Make your own Qr link through our generator.
Our IT unit makes sure that we always are up to date on the latest Qr news and keeps our Qr links safe and up to date.


Contact us to order your media on a QR-Disc. It looks and feels just like the classic CD cover but contains the cheapest and most up to date method for media distribution today. It contains the cheapest and most up to date method for media distribution today. You can link your code to any site online, f-ex a public youtube chanel or privet sound-cloud or dropbox. You can even add and edit the album after realeas.
Forget about expensive CD or vinyl witch most people can´t even play at home.