Promote yourself and share media hand to hand with a Qr record.

The QR code is readable by any smartphone thru a Qr reader app and it can be linked

to any site from Spotify or youtube to your own webshop


- On-demand -

We offer a progressive on-demand service where you as a creator don't have to pay for inventory, the records are then made when sold, one by one.

Money shouldn't be what's keeping art from being shared.

The cheapest method is still to make larger orders, order on demand could be a great way of getting started. 

We would also promote your work here on our front page for free and set up a web shop were fans can order your content on a Qr record.


We have formed designs and methods that are representable and cost-effective.



A way to yet again make profit thru selling music, videos, books, pictures.

Anything online basically,

when properly package it can become a strong product and promotional tool.